The ultimate to-do list for a smooth Christmas

Because with everything going on, it can get a little tricky balancing it all.


Christmas is a joyous occasion for many people, however some go into the season without positive reasons. Many people cannot get into the Christmas spirit, even with the help of Christmas tunes starting in the beginning of November. Christmas becomes, for many people, a stressful time of the year. Between shopping for presents, and getting your home prepared for the holidays, some lose track of the real reasons for this season. I hope for these types of scrooges this article will be helpful in making the holiday a little less stressful.

Start Planning Where You are Having Christmas

Is this the first Christmas where you are entertaining family and friends? Are you spending the holiday with your family or your significant other’s family? If you are entertaining for Christmas, make sure you know how many people are coming over. Be aware of what foods you want to cook, and if anyone you are having over has allergies or other dietary needs. Make sure you know how much prep time and cooking time you need for the meal you want to prepare. Do you need to accommodate people with sleeping arrangements? Also take into account the time you need to clean your home to make it look nice.

If you must book a flight, try to research flights ahead of time, especially to save cash to spend on more Christmas shopping. Make sure to pack early, including the presents you must bring for family members. If you are taking another means of transportation, make sure you have appropriate funds, snacks, and enough gas for your trip.

Plan Activities

During the holiday season, many festivities go on, especially in your local town. Buy a calendar and write down different events you want to go to. Maybe you want to see a Christmas light show or Santa at the mall. It is especially important to set up activities ahead of time if you have a young child in your family.

Pre-prepare Christmas deserts

One of the best things about Christmas, is all the delicious food, especially desert. Often, if you are visiting somewhere for Christmas, it is rude to go empty handed. People usually opt to bring desert, and you can pre-plan those. You can freeze cookie dough, or make other puddings ahead of time you can store. These also are perfect as last minute forgotten gifts. No one can resist freshly baked deserts. Food, especially cookies, are very rarely turned away during the holidays. Especially when so many people leave cookies out for Santa Claus!

Update Your Address Book

This point may sound strange, but it is important to make sure you have updated addresses on all your friends and family. This is important if you need to send out Christmas gifts because you are not seeing these people in person. It is also important to have updated contact information for your Christmas cards.



Hopefully, this Christmas To-Do List will make the holidays a little less stressful and the opportunity  to focus on the real reasons for the season; family, friends, and love.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  We wish you a smooth Christmas!


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Author: Michelle Saavedra

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