5 ways to become the most popular girl wherever you go

A new study reveals all of the benefits of being popular, here is your personal how-to guide.

Being popular in the office is just like being popular in school. Popular employees are more likely to get hired, promoted and earn larger salaries, reveals UNC Chapel Hill psychology professor Mitch Prinstein. Some forms of popularity are healthier than others however. Prinstein warns against status-seeking behaviour, but encourages likability and making others feel valued. For no other reason, those with high levels of likability are less likely to experience depression and anxiety.

Be a team player. 

Offer to help others, even when it isn’t your job. Give advice when appropriate and take criticism on board. Good team players silently get the work done but great team players communicate their ideas honestly and respect the views of others.  Being innovative and creative will help you stand out and will draw others more towards you.

Avoid gossip.

Just like school, gossiping can help you fit in with a certain crowd. However, coworkers will soon steer away from you. Gossip can have a real effect on people.  The fallout can even be worse than that though. Being cruel could lead to job loss in fact. Being a gossip will also raise other questions about your character. Are you a “fake” person? A liar? Untrustworthy? Remember, everything always gets back to the boss.

“You will never regret being kind.”

Praise others’s success. 

Show people that you not only care about your success, but theirs as well. When someone gets a promotion, congratulate them. When you focus on others in a supportive and genuine way, your likability will sky rocket. Send thank you cards as well as Christmas notes and make sure you let others know how much you value them.

Take an interest in others. 

To be interesting, be interested. Everyone is walking around with an invisible sign saying “pay me attention”. Everyone loves to talk about themselves so cultivate an interest in what other people do, in and outside of the office. Avoid talking about controversial subjects such as politics and religion. Instead focus on lighthearted topics such as travel.

“There are hundreds of languages around the world. But a smile speaks them all.”

Be optimistic.

Unsurprisingly, people are drawn to positive people. It has been proven that optimistic people show more company support so those in senior positions tend to trust them a lot more. Smiling can also decrease stress hormones and trigger the release of endorphins which promote feel-good chemicals. When in doubt, laugh it out. As a wise man once said though, never sell your soul for popularity.


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