How To Turn Your Instagram Account Into a Legit Business

Because your theme might just make you Instagram famous

Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users. It is no secret that Instagram has completely changed the social media game. Between our hashtags and digital strategy, it can be tough really nailing it though. There isn’t a Victoria or Lydia in all of us. Yet, this mobile platform allows us to not only start a business and share content but reach a target audience with one click of a button. We can all monetise our profiles, you just need to know how.

Be authentic

Putting our values above others is what earns us respect. It is about being true to yourself and standing up for what you believe in. Even when producing sponsored content, your followers want genuine and innovative posts, it is very easy to see through fakes. Work out what makes you different, what is your unique selling point? Use that to tell a story through your captions. If you are just after the money, you will burn out pretty quickly.

Have an opinion

Unless you have a fitness account, many will not want to only see food posts. Be personal on Instagram and don’t be afraid to display aspects of your personal life. If you are an advocate for a particular cause or if you are vegetarian, connect with your readers about it. Consistency is another key element to monetising your Instagram. Lydia Millen says: “You need to create a tone within your content that will follow through all of your platforms.”

Build a community 

Interacting with your followers through comments, DMs, and even Instagram stories can not only help you build a meaningful relationship with your followers, it can make for better engagement too. They are all tools to start a conversation that may not have happened otherwise.

Invest in resources

Your phone can be a great starting point. However, you may need some equipment. Invest in white foam boards, reflectors and even the self-timer on your camera so your photos can appear more legit. Inthefrow’s Victoria Magrath says: “If you really want to create imagery that wows your audience, the quality of camera and the lenses you purchase really can be paramount to this. Don’t get me wrong, a small, compact camera can do the trick and create fantastic imagery, but it may not have the depth of field (that beautiful background blur) or the sharpness and colour quality that you desire.”

Consider having a business page

Just like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram has its own analytics. You just need to create a Facebook page for your blog and switch to a business account in Instagram settings. It will show you who your audience is, where they live, when they are on Instagram, and more. Having the power to see when your followers are active is paramount for engagement, especially since the Instagram algorithm no longer allows you to see photos in chronological order.

Notice what works

Pay attention to what gets great engagement and see if there is a common thread. That is your audience telling you what they like.  Trust your gut to produce content that reflects you, because that is what will always resonate the best.

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