Most Popular Bucket List Ambitions Revealed

A Bucket List. We all have one, well a new study has found the most popular activities. Where do we sign up?

Bucket List

Bucket List. Don’t we all have one? From learning a language to mastering an instrument, these are just a couple among the things most would like to accomplish.

A new study reveals the things the majority of Brits want to cross off their bucket list.  The researchers polled 2,000 UK adults to discover which life ambitions remain unfulfilled – with getting a tattoo, being an extra in a TV show or film and writing a novel.

Adventure features prominently as skiing, learning to fly a plane and driving a rally car all appear.

Commissioned by The Oxford Ski Company, the founder and MD Rupert Longsdon says: “Nobody can accuse the British of lacking ambition, as these results show. There are some incredible and life-changing experiences – it is just a shame we sometimes struggle to achieve them.’’

However, ten per cent admit to never leaving the UK. 77 per cent even wish they had travelled more widely than they have done so far.

Bungee jumping, going glamping, swimming with dolphins and eating in a Michelin-starred restaurant are included.

Seeing the Northern Lights, visiting the Seven Wonders of the World, and travelling on the Orient Express also emerged among the bucket list activities many have yet to make a reality.

Rupert Longsdon added: “We think every dog can learn new tricks. Nobody is too old to learn new exciting things.”


1. See the Northern Lights

2. Visit the seven wonders of the world

3. Fly First Class

4. Swim with dolphins

5. Travel on the Orient Express

6. Drive Route 66

7. Learn to play a musical instrument

8. Go on a cruise

9. Ride in a helicopter

10. Ski

11. Drive a rally car

12. Move house

13. Learn a language

14. Run a marathon

15. Get married

16. Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant

17. Research your family tree

18. Apply to be an extra in a movie or television show

19. Learn to fly a plane

20. Change your career

21. Quit your job

22. Write a novel

23. Get a tattoo

24. Go to a casino in Las Vegas

25. Move abroad

26. Try bungee jumping

27. Learn to dance

28. Go sky diving

29. Get a dog

30. Go glamping


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