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What a groundbreaking year for women. We saw the global Women’s March which saw 4.5 million people taking to the streets to protest against sexism. Dior launched its two feminist t-shirts and the BBC was forced to address its gender pay gap. Porter magazine’s winter issue has recognised these momentous landmarks and is sharing some powerful letters, written by extraordinary women. One of whom, is Nicole Kidman.

Two weeks ago, Nicole Kidman along with Glamour cover star Reese Witherpoon celebrated their five Emmy wins for Big Little Lies. The Australian mega-star has been praised for playing Celeste, a successful, complex character in the hit TV-show. Celeste seems to have an idyllic life, a wonderful husband and strong sense of self. However, the audience soon witnesses the horrendous abuse she suffers in private at the hands of her husband, played by co-star Alexander Skarsgård.

When Big Little Lies author Liane Moriarty was asked what inspired Perry, Skarsgård’s abusive character, the writer replied, “It came from a really horrible ex-boyfriend who I took great pleasure in killing off . . . first in the book and then in the series.”

In her open letter, Nicole encourages women around the globe to continue combatting domestic violence. She stresses how arduous it can be working in an industry that is largely run by men and highlights how important it has always been for her to “portray independent women who go against the expectations of society”. Of course, the television industry is one of many- the UK Statistics Authroity data released to Parliament earlier this year highlights the difference between the proportion of woman and men in the country’s highest-paying roles. It was revealed that women hold just 12% of jobs paying £150,000 or more.

Let us not be discouraged though, thanks to Big Little Lies, Liar and The Handmaid’s Tale society is experiencing a new wave of feminism in the entertainment industry. But, as Kidman notes, there is so much more that needs to be done, with a “need to support and celebrate each other more”.

In her letter, Kidman beautifuly depicts the female population. She says: “I like to believe I am part of a global support group network of 3.4 billion”. The actress continues this further, urging all women to “realise respective dreams and goals, and in moments of self-doubt be assured that we are strong and beautiful in myriad ways, and can do whatever we set our minds on”.

The Aussie also shares her experience working with victims of domestic violence with the UN. Her feminist battlecry is not the only one featured however, the special edition of the magazine celebrates the achievements of 50 inspiring women.

Porter magazine’s winter issue will go on sale today, in which the full Incredible Women list will be published.


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