#DearMe A letter to my 18-year-old self

Regrets? Boys? Bodies? Bad decisions? Yep, this is what I would say now.

Dear Scarlett,

You just turned 18. So, as your future self, here is some advice I’d like to give you.

Right now, you are in school, taking exams and about to head to University. You have had that ‘America’ dream for seven years now. Well, as you will learn, when you have a plan God laughs at it and creates a better one. The ‘America’ dream does happen though! You move to New York and it both changes and completes you and is so much better than you could imagine right now. Everything happens when it is meant to.

There is a lot everyone else is doing, you don’t need to do that and moreover, don’t question it. You go to the parties, and you have fun at the parties but all the time you are putting into acting, extracurricular activities and studying over going out (oh, and winning two national poetry competitions…don’t be embarrassed, YOU NEED TO OWN YOUR WRITING) is going to help you so much in the long run. Some things may seem “cool”, and some people may seem “cool”. But what really is cool, is being confident in your decisions because by not being like everyone else you are going to embark on the most incredible journey. A journey called Scriptoeris.

Everyone has a story and everyone has something to teach you. Absorb it all and take it all in.

Love your parents every day, and appreciate your mum every day. She will be your absolute rock and you only understand that as you get older, she is that one in a million. Go and tell her, tell her now!

You really don’t need to try different personalities to figure out who you are, feel who you are, listen to your heart. Some people are vegetarian, others aren’t. Some wear fur, others don’t. Some vote conservative, others don’t. You are being labelled “posh” right now, and “reserved”. Everyone is labelled though in school and everybody has a story, I promise you that every student you know is battling how they are being perceived. When you have your core values and ideals, you really don’t need to think about changing them to fit in.

You have some brilliant friends at this moment in time, they have come from all over the world to surprise you on your 18th birthday, stick with them. True friends are like diamonds. 

Some women are one shape and others are another shape, a completely different way in fact. You might not feel blessed for having short legs now, but those legs win you some terrifying dance competitions, ballet recitals and get you a glorious hike around Ireland. You know this, but I will stress it to you. Beauty shines from within. Kindness and grace are the most beautiful assets.  

The boy thing. Love comes and it comes in good time. It doesn’t in school though, so put down your phone to that guy. By waiting, you are going to have the most incredible love story. Be patient. 

At 18, you are a pretty strong version of yourself. Keep exploring, keep taking the risks and keep those standards up. Life is magnificent so don’t take it too seriously because everything really does work out, and it will be so much better than you could ever picture.

Love, Me

Ps. I would say eat healthier, but those cupcakes you enjoy- you don’t put on any weight from them when you are 18 so eat them while you can, eat them all! And don’t regret a thing. 


Author: Scarlett Victoria Clark

Scarlett Victoria Clark is Editor-in-Chief of Scriptoeris and a multi-lingual journalist. She has also written for Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar, when not writing she enjoys travelling and shopping for (more) heels.

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