6 steps to work the beach like your favourite Youtube star

We read their blog, watch their videos, invest in their lives more than our own. Here is how to rock it like a Youtube star this summer.

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Body prep

Eating healthily really does wonders, you need to feed the body the right nutrients. Exfoliate, moisturise and drink plenty of water. Niomi Smart says: “If I want a treat I bake orange spiced cookies with coconut sugar and spelt flour.”

The effortless-I-don’t-care-how-I-look look 

We are living in the age of not-trying trying thanks to “make-up free” selfies, unfussy hair, artfully casual wardrobes and clean eating. In is the woman who can pass for having just woken up “like this”, even if we all know she definitely did not. Rather than stilettos and a tight dress, be comfortable in what you wear. Accessorising can jazz up any outfit and wearing minimal makeup is actually a lot more attractive when at the beach.

Beach hair

It can be really annoying when we reach the shore and our hair goes frizzy. Or, it is so hot, strands start sticking to the back of our necks. Or, our hair is perfectly straightened but our baby hairs go curly. There is something inherently effortless and feminine about a thick mane of waving locks and here is how to achieve that exact look. Either use salt spray on your hair, and then scrunch it up to maintain the effect or wet your hair with a brush, braid your locks and by the time you take them out, all you see will be natural curls. This deep-sea hair design cleanses easily to prevent detangling and protect the hair from humidity in the air.

Having a daily routine 

Not all of us can get eight hours sleep, but make sure your sleep is undisturbed. Turn your phone off, shut your window and do not be tempted to even check Instagram. Spraying a lavender scent on your pillow before drifting off can really help. Here you can read all about other scents that will help you with your z’s.  Taking multivitamins can really enhance your attitude the next day too.

Accentuate your beauty

Discussing body confidence, Tanya Burr has said: “I always tell girls to find what they like and accentuate it. It is all about highlighting your good points.” We couldn’t agree more, show up the parts you love about yourself. You will radiate with confidence and have people asking for your beauty tips.

Work out 

Most of us dread working out but it is more than looking good. Heading to the gym or even working out to a dvd can be therapeutic. It is more effective to stick to high-intensity workout even if we think a glass of wine and bubble bath could help too.


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