How to talk confidently about your side hustle

Being human, it's totally normal to care what people think, which can be even harder when developing a side hustle or business venture.

Side hustles, what brilliant business ventures. In the words of Beyoncé: “I work my 9-5 and I cut my cheque.” (A million other Queen Bey quotes over here). For a lot of us though, that isn’t enough to pay all of our bills and keep up with our shoe addiction. In this day and age, it’s fairly normal for us to have a side hustle, we are all forging our own career path and writing our own lives in a way like never before. But we all still murmur when asked about our side business or we find ourselves worried and hesitant, fearful of what others think. A side hustle is a brilliant thing because it showcases your talent. We need to now break down the stigma around them.

Talk openly. Talk openly, talk confidently and talk proudly about your side hustle and what all you hard working girls are doing to make a little bit of extra cash (or a hefty salary). It’s empowering to discuss women and their entrepreneurial attitudes as they take hold of the financial wheel. We should be supporting one another as we all find independence when it comes to our finances.

Change your attitude.  A can-do, assertive and a hunger-for-success attitude is sexy, it’s a turn on and, best of all, it’s what gives you the opportunity to dictate your life. A side hustle exemplifies this. It screams out #girlboss and it gives you the power. We should all learn to not limit ourselves, we have enough of that without being self-sabotaging. Talking openly about your side hustle will open up a world which will encourage other women to do the same, it will encourage the sharing of new ideas, the growth of your business and, ultimately, act as a catalyst for your success.

Make it about the other person. When someone asks you what you do, talk about your side hustle or side business with pride. Nobody will believe in the product unless the brand itself believes in it. But then ask the other person a lot of questions, when you are more interested in others that yourself, they will actively listen and engage. Resulting in them remembering you and your business. Who knows, perhaps you will stumble across an even more lucrative and exciting side hustle opportunity in the process.

Just remember to be proud about your achievements because you’re doing a pretty badass job of it.

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Author: Isabelle Hume

Isabelle Hume has a degree in languages from Bath, England but is currently residing in Sicily, after having worked in PR in New York. She has a strong interest in fashion and travel and admits that there is nothing she enjoys more than planning the perfect outfit for her next trip.

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