Everything you should know about dating an independent woman

Pass us those Bridget Jones slippers or Carrie Bradshaw heels as we settle down to tell you what it takes.

I am an independent woman and we are our own class of women. Independent women are not like every other type of girl you might have dated. Independent women need their own special type of attention, which is actually quite hands off. Here is everything you should know about dating an independent woman, from one.

An independent woman will need alone time. They are not the type of woman that will need you to text them every second, of everyday. They realize you have your own life and they like that you do.

When she needs you, she will tell you. An independent woman will let you know when she is looking for your support. She is not interested in playing games or drama. She will tell you when she expects you to be somewhere, and when she just needs her space.

Never try to hold her back. She might have to travel for work or school. Maybe she will take opportunities to intern at places that are not in your state or will have a need to study abroad. The world is an independent woman’s oyster. Let her take every opportunity she can get from it. Let her live, because that is all an independent woman wants to do. But, she will always find her way back home.

Do not get jealous. She may have a lot of other female and male co-workers. When she is spending time with them, it does not mean that she is cheating on you. Most likely, with her busy schedule, she does not have the time to even think of that. Let her be her. Do not put the pressure of your jealously on her shoulders, it will only make her more distant from you. Trust her to be the independent woman she already is.

Be gracious about sleeping times. If you both have a sleepover, or you are already living together, most likely when your independent woman gets home, she will want to sleep. Let her sleep because it is hard being an independent woman.

Be independent as well. If you bring her to a party where it is mostly your friends, know that she can handle herself. She does not need you to stand by and make sure she is okay. Your independent woman can handle herself. Do not be afraid to also be independent. If you want to go hang out with your friends, or do something on your own, you should.

Indulge in romance too. Just because the independent woman likes alone time, does not mean you can skimp on romance. We still like to hear we are loved. She still likes to go out on dates with just her mate. She still loves affection so do not be afraid to show your love and appreciation for her.

Compromise is key.  Sometimes you will have to compromise on things for your independent woman. She will have a one-track mind, and she is probably going to be stubborn.  This may cause you to be the compromising party a lot of the time. Do not be discouraged by this, accept that compromise is a key component to a relationship with an independent woman.

In some ways, independent women can be lower maintenance then other girls, and in other ways they are higher. But nothing is more rewarding then watching your independent woman strive for her independent goals and dreams. Especially when she finally succeeds.


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Author: Michelle Saavedra

Michelle is a journalism graduate, who has since been working in social media. In her spare time, she can be found riding horses or motorcycles, playing video games, or experimenting with makeup. Her world revolves around her pug, cats, and horses.

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