The highest-paying jobs for 2017 graduates

If you have just graduated and hunting high and low for a job then this may be your dream list. This month, Glassdoor Inc published statistics on the job market for this year’s graduates. The career website has revealed the most popular and highest paying jobs for new grads in 2017.

There seemed to be a current theme running with regards to positions in sales. The highest-paying job on the list was software engineer (with a salary of $90,000), followed by engineer ($70,500) and financial analyst ($64,453). We are still huge fans of those going out on their own so if you’re planning on launching your own business this year or writing a book, then make sure you pursue that dream (and let us know how it goes).

The top 10 jobs for new grads in 2017 are, in order:

  • sales associate
  • research assistant
  • teaching assistant
  • intern
  • administrative assistant
  • account manager
  • social media manager
  • software engineer
  • case manager
  • data analyst

What one would you choose?

Author: Scriptoeris

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