Six foods that have the happy effect

Needless to say, chocolate is our happy food but interestingly enough, it can’t actually give you long-term happiness. My go-to food is chocolate, I am sure I am not alone, and that is because it lets off the same chemicals that are released when in love. I don’t discriminate either, it doesn’t even have to be a chocolate bar, it could be in a brownie, in a drink, in a jar, there are no limitations to chocolate. Surprisingly, crisps contain St John’s Wort which is a plant known for its antidepressant properties. There are plenty of other foods though that can improve your mood which are healthier than a packet of Pringles (with a few naughty exceptions).


Ice-cream is best eaten as an occasional treat since it tends to be high in sugar and fat but most varieties also contain a good source of vitamin A, riboflavin, vitamin B12, calcium and protein from the milk. We don’t need an excuse to dip into ice-cream but if that isn’t enough, try calcium-fortified frozen yoghurts and desserts containing just 1pc fat.


Scientists have proven that most nuts contain positive mood-influencing properties such as B vitamins, proteins and selenium. Nuts are also a great source of fat for our diet because the fat is unsaturated which means it doesn’t contain cholesterol.


Pasta is just the best invention. This is a food that knows no bounds. You can literally put anything with it and you will still achieve the same amount of happiness. Pasta too, is a great source of protein with no fat. The carbohydrates fill us up and release energy slowly but be careful, it has been known to cause depressed moods in people as well.


We know that Vodka isn’t a food but we are so impressed with the recent research we had to put it in. Health benefits of vodka include better cardiovascular health and reduction in stress. Its astringent nature even helps keeping the skin healthy and promotes hair growth. Wow.


I have found a new comfort in fruit, yoghurt and oats, it has made a massive change to my morning routine. It is a quick and easy thing to make and you feel energised, full and happy. I have seen a massive change in my attitude in the morning after eating this and that is probably because not only is yoghurt full of vitamins but the words “live and active cultures” on the container mean that your yogurt has probiotics, beneficial bugs that live in your digestive tract and help expel harmful microorganisms that can cause intestinal infections.


If you are looking for an all-in-one, then look no further than your fruit bowl. Bananas are high in carbohydrates and can help relieve constipation. Bananas also have serotonin which helps induce sleep so if you suffer from insomnia then having one just an hour before you go to bed can really help.

Food is only as a good as the company you eat it in whether that be the latest series on Netflix that you have a slight addition to, a gossip with your girlfriends or a sit down meal with a loved one. Happiness is subjective but if anyone can come up with a better way to find happiness than in a jar of Nutella I am open to suggestions!

Author: Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett is a teacher based in England, she is obsessed with the gym and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. On her weekends off though, she can be found exploring and travelling the world.

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