How to take major risks, smartly

Our expert has buckled up and is sharing her top tips with you so you can start taking some major risks in your career and not only getting away with it but excelling at it.

Living outside of your comfort zone is where life begins, right? Well, at least that is what society tells us these days. In all reality, that is true, especially in your career. Why have a job that is not something you are passionate about? Career risks can be the toughest of them all to face, but you have to look at them head on because they can be life changing. Here are some tips to get you out of a rut and start living your best professional life.

Look beyond the money- Yes, getting paid is part of the job and you should be paid accordingly. However, if the experience you could get is greater than the pay, take the job. Some corporate jobs you are doing the same thing every day, but smaller companies can allow you to wear many hats, meaning you gain more experience.

Make networking a side hustle- You may hit the snooze button instead of attending those early morning breakfast speaking events, but it is time to get out of bed. In any industry nowadays, it is who you know that can take you further. Attend the office happy hour or social media monthly breakfast; it will be worth it.

Speak Up- There may be a new project your company is working on that needs help, and you’d love to be a part of it. Speak up. Showcase to your boss your skills that could benefit the project. Speaking up when you feel something is important to be shared can gain respect from your colleagues. Just remember to know your place and when the time is right.

Say “Yes”- If your boss comes to you needing assistance on something outside of your normal duties, say yes. It shows you are willing to help out and learn. Also, if you are in an entry level position or internship, always say yes. If you do not know how to do something, that is what Google is for.

Make a bold change- if you have reached a dead end and have discussed it with your boss and there is no change, it may be time to consider pursuing other options. It is daunting to leave a job, but if you are not learning anything new or gaining any more experience, it may be time to leave.

Not taking any risks at all in your career means you will not evolve as a professional. Even if you want to stay with your company for the next 10 years, you still need to take risks to move up the ladder and evolve in your position. After all, not taking any risks is the biggest risk of them all.



Author: Courtney Benisch

Courtney Benisch is a PR and event director for a startup brand in Missouri in the United States. As the youngest employee in her company, Courtney runs the largest division in the brand. Outside of work, she loves to read and attempt to cook recipes from Pinterest.

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