How to programme your mind for wild success

Everyone has the potential to be incredible and wildly successful but only a few actually know how to unlock their inner power. We subconsciously set ourselves up for failure and start thinking we aren’t capable of achieving our goals. How many of us say we can’t do it? How many of us genuinely believe we can’t make it happen? All too many.

The fundamental truth is, success is no accident.
You have to make it happen on purpose.
The part of your brain that you need to change has nothing to do with motivation or intelligence, even desire. You need to re-engage your B.S, your belief system. We are all impressionable, constantly listening to other people’s opinions about us, letting our upbringing shape us, we even invest in marketing and advertising. Your beliefs are potentially holding you back from the life you are supposed to be pursuing. Here are the most effective ways to change your mindset and forge a successful and happy path.

Define success.
For some, success might be about money, it could be having children or finally being promoted. Before you embark on your success journey, figure out what it is you desire and then embrace it.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
There is no point thinking you can achieve everything and some for one day. Wonder Woman wasn’t just relevant for one day. Repetition is the mother of mastery, you need to think about your objectives every day and repeat them to yourself whenever you can. Repeat your goals in your head and out loud. Look for arising opportunities that can help you get there and find out about networking events near you where you can meet likeminded bossladies.

No foul language.
We are so quick to believe the negative comments we either hear about ourselves or read about ourselves. Thank you social media. Have you ever noticed how quick we are to dismiss compliments though or a kind gesture? Start being your biggest cheerleader, even if nobody else can see your vision, you can and that is what matters.

It is so easy to choose our comfort zone over a challenge. To re-programme your mind you should start by educating yourself. Learn a new skill such as a language or coding, read that book you have been meaning to or start walking everyday. By kick starting your daily routine you will be kick starting your path to success.

If you are serious about changing your life, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse. What are you waiting for?

Author: Scarlett Victoria Clark

Scarlett Victoria Clark is Editor-in-Chief of Scriptoeris and a multi-lingual journalist. She has also written for Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar, when not writing she enjoys travelling and shopping for (more) heels.

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