All your summer hair questions answered

Do I need a heat protectant?

Yes, even when using products that have protection built in. If you are styling your hair with curlers or straighteners then definitely invest in one, otherwise look for ‘thermal’ protection on the label, or cyclomenthicone and dimethicone in a product. Make sure you spritz each strand before applying heat.

How can I make my blow-dry last?

Don’t use products as regularly throughout the week because they can weigh down your hair. Apply them gradually and every other day use dry shampoo on the roots. If you have to smooth flyaways then use a serum. If necessary, start washing it twice, because the cleaner your hair is, the longer it will last. A few shampoo recommendations for squeaky clean hair: Paul Mitchell’s Clarifying Shampoo Two or Toni&Guy Cleanse.


Should I avoid using hairspray?

Hairspray can also be classified as setting spray, holding spray, and finishing spray. No matter what you call it, hairspray can make a hairdo look stiff and unnatural. Our top tip to spray the hairspray evenly onto a brush or the palms of your hands and smooth over styled hair. If your hair is starting to look wet and greasy use dry shampoo straight after.
How can I protect my hair from chlorine? 

Nicole Hitchcock, owner of the luxurious salon NH2 says: “To protect your hair from chlorine, shower before getting in the pool. Hair is porous, once it is saturated with moisture, very little chlorine will be able to enter the shaft.” Invest in a swimming hat, and if you don’t want to seem unglamorous (we don’t either) then just make sure you shower post-dip and use a clarifying shampoo.


Show I allow my hair to air-dry?

In the summer, it is a lot healthier to allow your hair to air-dry. Rough dry it with a towel and then if necessary use a diffuser to dry certain parts of your hair to avoid frizziness.


Are my ends more prone to split in the summer?

According to Phillip Kingsley, the unfortunate truth is, you cannot heal a split end. The only cure is to cut them off. However, a lot can be done to prevent them. Use a pre-shampoo intensive conditioning treatment once or twice a week and if you have hair below shoulder length, towel-dry it gently post-shower.


Author: Scriptoeris

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