7 ways to wear red for #DayWithoutaWoman

Happy International Women’s Day! At last this glorious day has come around for another year (although here at Scriptoeris we believe every day is Women’s Day). With red being the choice of colour for today’s strikes, and because we know how to do it best, we are sharing the best ways to style red for today, and every other day of the year!

1. Nails

If the thought of actually wearing red sends shivers up your spine, then we hear you loud and clear! Why not rock the colour elsewhere and give your nails a glamorous, chic finish. Chanel’s Le Vernis in 546 Rouge Red is the DIY million-dollar manicure that will subtly empower you.

2. Lips

Perhaps a little more daring, yet effortlessly striking, the ever-loved red lip continues to be a timeless and powerful tool in a woman’s handbag. From Marilyn Monroe to Angelina Jolie, our favourite females have continued to show us time and time again that anyone can wear a red lip, no wonder YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture remains a worldwide classic.

3. Dress

There has never been a better time than now to bring the red-dressed dancing emoji to life. Invest in a radiant red dress and feel your inner goddess rise as you show everyone else who is the real boss! Motel Rocks’ Cannes Skater Dress is flattering and fancy; the perfect dress for any occasion.

4. Shoes

Whilst those red soled Louboutin heels are the shoes we dream of there are various alternatives which will add a little sass to your outfit. Whether it’s court heels, pumps or boots, ASOS have something for everyone when it comes to venturing out into the world of colourful shoes.

5. Bag

Bag, clutch or purse, there’s always time for an eye-catching accessory. Allowing you to avoid actually wearing red, whilst still incorporating it with any look, Gucci knows just how to convince us with their blogger-approved Soho Leather Disco Bag.

6. Hat

Think walks along the River Seine, with french music and a red beret. The cliché, yet simply stunning image that never loses its touch. Feel a sense of pride as you walk around town on this day of celebration, with a red hat to lead the way. Alternatively, using red ribbon as a bow for your hair is a money saving option that still promises elegance.

7. Scarf

Feel invincible, wrapped in a striking red scarf, as you turn the heads of everyone you pass whilst walking around the city.

Author: Luisa Epps

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