#Smartgirl in the Caribbean

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Living in the Caribbean entails endless margaritas, beach naps, and oceanside barbecues, right? Not quite. While I do enjoy frequent beach trips and happy hours by the sea — it’s not always a vacation like my Instagram may unintentionally suggest. Here is a glimpse of what it’s like being a smart girl on a small rock in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

When stressed, paradise is only a step away.

The best part? When I become overwhelmed or stressed, I can step outside my door and take a vacation; a quick dip in the ocean, a jog on the beach, or a sip on a pina colada is enough to refresh and rejuvenate my soul. No more sitting in a stuffy and florescent lit office waiting for a plane to take me somewhere tropical. I’m already here! St. Barts is in fact only a 15 minute plane ride away!

You must constantly remind yourself that you’re not on vacation.

No, I suppose I shouldn’t sleep in until noon or eat burgers and fries everyday like the tourists around me. Believe me, it’s too easy to let that slip your mind when you’re constantly surrounded by tourists, taxis, and greasy vacation food that intoxicates the air as you stroll by. But balance, am I right? Occasionally I take advantage of the delicious French bakeries or boat to another island. But of course, I can’t forget about the responsibilities I must uphold.  

The Caribbean is inspirational

From meeting new people from all over the world to engaging in new cultures (from both the Dutch and French side of the island), inspiration is sprinkled all around. Tourists share stories of what they do, things they have learned, and ultimately remind you to just slow down and enjoy life. As a naturally laid back culture, island life reminds you to live in the moment and not constantly check off your to-do list. Planning and working hard is important but enjoying what life has to offer is even more essential, and that I only learned after living out here. 
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Author: Emily Whorton

Emily Whorton is a PR professional living in the Caribbean with her husband and puppy, she enjoys eating lots of ice-cream and is currently travelling the world.

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