How to trick yourself into saving


Money becomes the object of many people’s desires. It almost may seem that our world completely revolves around money. Money enables us as young adults to feel more independent. It enables the youth to separate from being a child and become a more mature being. Money brings maturity, and with maturity comes the obligation to get the most for your buck. In the interest of trying to save money, this article sets out a few guidelines on how to make your dollar last by saving money when all else fails, because let’s face it; Asos isn’t going anywhere and shoes are a necessity.


  1. Always use coupons. Vouchers can help you save money when you have to eat out or help to save money on groceries. Coupons can really go a long way when trying to save money. Any percentage from a coupon you can use on your shopping expenses can help make a dent, whether it’s 5 percent or 20 percent.


  1. If you have a car, and have to pay for your own gas, then you know how much gas can run your spending funds dry. You can use websites like to find local gas prices around your area in hopes to find the cheapest price for gas.


  1. If you are currently a student remember that many places and companies offer student discounts. Sometimes local eateries near your college campus may offer discounts. Try to research online places around your college that offer student discounts along with companies and eateries.


  1. Save your change! So many people disregard their change, but change, even pennies, can add up quickly. Create a jar or rainy day fund where you can accumulate all your change (or why not a swear box for your flat?). It also helps to carry change on you so you can pay with exact change.


  1. This one may seem obvious, but cut some costs. Prioritize your expenses and cut back on luxury commodities. Set a budget for yourself and do not deviate from that budget. Or prioritize what you need from what you want, rather than always buying new shampoo, the free load that comes in magazines such as Glamour will go far.


Saving money is not easy. A final passing tip is to create a savings account. Put a certain amount of money into it, every week or every month. Do not touch the money unless in an emergency situation. Let it accumulate, and you will save more then you realise. Remember, saving money should not be depressing, but empowering. It will give you a security and enable you to use your money for possibilities you may never have imagined. Happy saving!

Author: Michelle Saavedra

Michelle is a journalism graduate, who has since been working in social media. In her spare time, she can be found riding horses or motorcycles, playing video games, or experimenting with makeup. Her world revolves around her pug, cats, and horses.

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