2016 Fashion Must Haves

sport luxeChristmas is over and it’s time to start a brand new year. New years are great for a fresh start and I’m going to help you decide what your fashion must- haves are for 2016.

Last year was a great year for fashion and I can’t see it slowing down any time soon.

The first fashion must-have this year is sportswear. It may not seem like your first choice but all of a sudden it is cool to be fit and there are some great pieces out there. You can get some really cool prints nowadays and it’s actually a good look to go out in gym wear. I recently picked up a pair of Puma leggings with some mesh down the legs which add a hint of sexiness to them. Try pairing some cute trainers with them and you’re good to go!

The second fashion must-have for 2016 are sunglasses. For me, sunglasses are a must as my eyes are really sensitive to the sun. I think they add a hint of glamour to any outfit and are great for hiding those eye bags. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and they are an instant pick me up! #thebagsundermyeyesareprada

My third must-have for this year is faux fur. It may seem a little dated but it was everywhere last year and I can’t see it backing down anytime soon. If you’re not into the full on faux-fur coats, why not try a fur scarf? I’ve seen some super cute loafers or gloves with little fur pom poms on which add that hint of chicness to an otherwise dull outfit.

Trainers are my fourth must have for 2016. 2015 style met a whole new industry this year with trainers as they all of a sudden turned into fashion-must-haves. You can wear them with almost anything!  From jeans to skirts to suits, they work with everything and are perfect for that easy look! Of if you’re a pocket rocket, have you checked those wedges out ?

My last but certainly not least fashion must-have for the new year are over the knee boots. They took last year by storm and I really do hope they stay. They are the perfect winter accessory and instantly glam up any look. Kurt Geiger is a genius when it comes to boots or why not go to the font of all knowledge- Asos!

I would love to know what your new year must haves are! Let me know!


Author: Ema Murphy

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