Wedding morning thoughts

brideThere are so many mixed emotions flying around your head the morning of your wedding. The days leading up to it remain a blur because there are many last minute details transpiring. It’s one of those experiences where you don’t completely understand until you go through it yourself. While everyone may have different thoughts, here are the thoughts that ran through my head the morning of my wedding day:

1) I can’t believe today is the day

After countless late nights of planning and forever dreaming of the big day, it was surreal to wake up and think “today is my wedding day.” For some reason I looked at the calendar on my phone a few times because it was exciting to see the date that I had written on save-the-dates, invitations, and constantly told people who asked finally arrive.

2) Did I forget to do anything?
This was my last chance to go through the list in my head to make sure everything was completed. This sounds crazy but the days leading up to your wedding is both chaotic and a blur and it’s normal for a couple things to slip. Luckily for me, I had my amazing wedding coordinator helping me with the last minute details.

3) Today just feels like a normal day
For some reason, you expect to wake up feeling magical on the day you marry the love of your life. But instead, you wake up feeling like today is just another normal day. The normal feeling fades a bit once you put on your dress, begin taking pictures, and of course, walk down the aisle.

4) I feel so natural
I was surprised at how many brides had previously told me this. I learned, though, that it’s true. The day feels so natural, unless of course, you begin feeling the nerves. Nonetheless, it still feels natural. After all, marrying your best friend is a natural thing.

5) Morning coffee, please
I knew the day would be long and tiring, so coffee was a must. Need I say more?

6) All I care about is marrying my man

All the hours I spent planning the day, debating which colors to implement, and caring about all the details seemed to have slipped out the window. By my wedding day morning, I didn’t care whether things went as planned or not. All I wanted was to marry the love of my life––everything else felt miniscule.

Author: Emily Whorton

Emily Whorton is a PR professional living in the Caribbean with her husband and puppy, she enjoys eating lots of ice-cream and is currently travelling the world.

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