How to become a leader

businessIn life there are many ways to figure out if you are a leader or a follower. Figuring which one you are determines how you will act in certain situations whether its at work, school, or life in general. A leader is someone who tends to set trends, lead projects, and activities. A follower is a person who would rather go with the crowd than do something new and different. Which one are you?

When getting asked this question during a job interview, it is critical you answer it the right way. If you are a leader, you don’t want to imply that cannot take criticism or help out.  As a follower, you don’t want to imply that you cannot think for yourself. What you should say is how you adapt to the position you are in and for entry level opportunities you strive to learn as much as possible from higher up positions.

As women we need to stand up for who we are, and not let anyone tell us otherwise. The same goes for this because people tend to look down upon women CEO’s or think they aren’t smart enough to be in a higher position. People want to call women leaders demeaning names just because they have a voice. Women followers are looked down upon for not saying what they want. It’s a catch 22 that needs to change.

It’s all about balance when discussing leadership with a potential job. You want to stay true to whichever one you are, but let them know that you understand being flexible is a must. In industries that are always evolving, you need to evolve as well. There are both positive and negative connotations to being a leader or a follower, but don’t let that change which one you are naturally. Take charge of which one you are, and own it.



Author: Courtney Benisch

Courtney Benisch is a PR and event director for a startup brand in Missouri in the United States. As the youngest employee in her company, Courtney runs the largest division in the brand. Outside of work, she loves to read and attempt to cook recipes from Pinterest.

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