Dressing professionally when it’s freezing

coldIt comes to that point every year when you question whether it’s socially acceptable to leave the house and go to work in your dressing gown.

 It may be okay to wear pyjamas, thermal pants, tops, t-shirts, jumpers and coats when you’re freezing at home, but how do you dress professionally at work without looking too casual? 

The best bit of advice I can give is layering.


If you love wearing dresses and skirts to work – you still can. Throw on a pair of thick tights and add some boots. If you want to be extra chic – try some knee high boots. These will keep you extra warm but will also add some office chic.


If you’re someone that loves wearing t-shirts but can’t bare the cold, then invest in some blazers. These are great for layering as they are light but can also be worn under another larger coat for when it’s really cold. Not only to they keep you warm, they also do look smart. Besides – who said blazers are for men?


I would also recommend investing in a trouser suit. You can get away with wearing a knitted jumper if you have a smart lower half. A suit jacket would look super cute with a pencil skirt and some killer heels and trouser suits are still in fashion at the moment with co-ordinated prints.

My lifesaver usually when I am at work is a scarf. It’s a great accessory to throw on when you’re feeling the cold and you can use it for multiple things. Zara have a great selection of scarfs and they come in all shapes and sizes. If you don’t feel like wearing a huge woolly scarf, then accessorise with a thin cotton or silk scarf – it will still have the same effect.

If you tend to wear pumps and find it too cold, switch to shoes that are a little more sturdy. Try some black leather boots or some loafers – anything that add’s a little more warmth but still keeps you smart but not casual.

 So there you have it. Swap bare legs for tights and swap t-shirts for long tops – you get the drift.




Author: Ema Murphy

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