Why you need a mood board

SONY DSCFeeling disorganized? Need a way to capture your vision and or the vision of your company or business? Why not put together a mood board. The purpose of a mood board is to creatively express, through pictures, materials, text, etc. an overall essence, vibe or vision of that best represents your brand. Here’s how a mood board could be beneficial for you:

1. Clarity is a vital piece to any puzzle. If you don’t have a focus, how can you move forward? You have to be familiar with your goals in order to visualize your future. A mood board can get your thoughts and ideas onto the page which will aid you in grasping their potential. That way decisions can be made at an accelerated pace.

2. A faster decision making process. Have every contributor lay out their ideas. Seeing everything down on paper will make it easier to narrow down your options. The ones that stand out the most will go onto the mood board.

3. They’re a baseline for your overall project. Mood boards allow you to determine what the options are and pick and choose what you want immediately. That way you have your foreground needed to develop the ideas further.

4. They’re adaptable to everyone’s insight. Mood boards allow there to be an easier collaborative process where everyone can be involved and leave satisfied: they can be adjusted and changed as needed; they can host an array of themes and are fluid when it comes to any sort of medium.

5. You can have fun with them and be as creative as you choose. From text style to color schemes, it makes the project and decision making more appealing. The more aesthetically pleasing the more interested you’ll be in delving into your project. They’re like a Pinterest board come to life!

6. Mood boards are less time consuming. While creating the board you are simultaneously making the big and little decisions about different aspects of your project. With a mood board already created and the specifics approved, you won’t have to worry about the minor details down the road.

Author: Maire Hannigan

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