The Ultimate Twenties list

travel 1Once you are in your 20’s, you are officially an adult. You can do what you want, for the most part. This is the time where you can try new things, experience the world, and begin to live on your own terms. Below, there is a list of things to do while you are in your 20’s. 

1. Travel: Before you settle down, travel the world. Save up money, book a flight to anywhere and everywhere. You can go to New York and see Lady Liberty, go to Florida and see Disney World, go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower, go to London and see Big Ben, go to China and see the Great Wall; the list can go on and on. Take in the beautiful sights, fall in love with another country besides your own, submerse yourself in another culture and, most importantly, take this opportunity to try new foods. Food is important.

2. See your favourite artist in concert: A concert is one of the most inexplicably wonderful events to attend. Even if the tickets are a little pricey, trust me, it will be worth it. With your favourite artist or artists, you already connect to their lyrics, you rock out to them in your car on the way to work, you make your friends listen to their songs, and you make sure you keep up with everything they are doing. Imagine being able to connect to those songs and the artists in a whole new way. At a concert, you come together with people who are just as passionate about the artist, which forges special connections with fellow fans as well as the artist themselves. This creates a whole new bond with the music that can make your heart sing. It is truly hard to describe the exact feelings that occur during a concert. But, they leave an impression that will stay with you long after the concert. 

3. Work towards your dream career: Don’t let the pressure of being in your 20’s and/or the idea of adulthood defer you from pursuing your dreams. No matter how impossible or crazy the dream seem, don’t give up the hope that you can make it real. Your 20’s are a time of exploration and finding out what you really want to do with your life. Deep down, you know that you should try to pursue your dreams. If you don’t, the dreaded question, “what if?” may haunt you. If you keep working hard towards your goal or goals, you will accomplish them.  

4. Go on a road trip with friends: Rent a car, pack your bags, make playlists and/or mixed CDs, bring snacks, and go. Road trips with family are always memorable, but now, as an adult, you and your friends can take this time to experience that same fun with each other.

5. Get your degree: Whether it is an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree, this is the time to wrap up, start, and/or add to your college education. Each degree earned is an accomplishment to be proud of. It will help in forwarding your career as well as help you discover who you are as an adult. 

6. Rent or Buy your own place : Depending on where you live, this could seem impossible. I’m here to tell you it’s not. During your 20’s, you can find an apartment, condo, or house in your price range and make the big transition into adulthood. If you find you cannot do it completely on your own, find a roommate. A roommate can be someone you already know or a person who needs a room. You may just find the Joey to your Chandler. 

7.  Discover who you are: This is the time to figure out who you are, where you belong in the world and how you will be in years to come. It’s time to become an adult!  

8. Make memories: Ultimately, you should do what makes you happy and what will make you smile 20 years from now, remembering these years. You are going to want to look back at your 20’s and say, “heck yeah I did that!”



Author: Gabbi Battiloro

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