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the internWhen we think of the term “intern” our mind automatically assumes: a young person, ranging from high school to college to even post college age, only beginning to enter into the field of their choice. The new film The Intern, starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, grabs hold of the idea of an intern and adds a bit of a plot twist. Hathaway, the boss and CEO of an online fashion site, does what many companies do: she puts out an advertisement for interns. Along the way, however, there is a slight miscommunication in the age group she intended the ad to gear towards. This is where the retired Robert De Niro’s character comes in as a “senior” intern, senior citizen that is. All in all it’s a light hearted comedy about generations connecting and learning more about one another than expected. But, of course at Scriptoeris we know there’s more to it than that! Don’t let age deter you: Despite the comical mistake of advertising for “senior citizen” interns in this new film, it’s inspiring to see an older gentleman take on the job meant for a rookie. At Scriptoeris, in our college experience, we have witnessed ourselves, men and women of older generations putting themselves out there by simply reentering the classroom as students. De Niro’s character reminds us that age shouldn’t be the determining factor holding you back from life experience. Whether you’re 25 or 75, there should be no shame or embarrassment in how you choose to become a well-rounded individual. Generations need to mutually teach each other: There’s a cliché saying that talks about teaching an old dog new tricks. Although the sense of that saying is that it’s not possible, The Intern challenges that idea. Although De Niro’s character is out of his league generation wise, he is willing and ready to learn. As the film progresses, the audience realizes that it’s not just De Niro who’s learning. In order to evolve we have to be willing to not only accept the challenges of the new, but the old as well. When we allow ourselves to be exposed to more than one way of thinking, we open our world up to an enormous amount of possibilities. Challenge yourself: De Niro’s character is in need of a lifestyle change. He’s retired and not settling well into the quiet life. He needed a change; he needed to do more, so he did. He may be seventy years old and the job may not even have been what he was looking for, but he applied anyway. He saw an opportunity and he didn’t let it pass him by. This is a lesson we all need to apply to our own lives. Take that first step and you’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of.

Author: Maire Hannigan

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