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halloweenlooksSo, Halloween is nearly upon us and you’re still unsure as to what to go as? This happens to us every year – we have tonnes of ideas about a month beforehand, but by the time we actually approach the end of October, busy schedules have taken over and you’re left trying to pull a costume together at the last minute. Well, never fear! If you’re stuck for time trying to find a costume that may not even exist, look no further. One of our favourite ways to pull off a killer look is to hit YouTube and let the makeup do the talking for our look, which means that the clothing aspect is less important.

With millions of YT videos and creators out there, finding a look to meet your skill level and outfit availability isn’t tricky, but just to help you along we’ve compiled a list of our favourite YouTubers and their best spooky tutorials to give you a hand!

These incredibly talented sisters know a hell of a lot about beauty, and in their time have created some amazing looks! Here are our favourites:
Harley Quinn  –  Poison Ivy  –  Catwoman  –  Corpse Bride

PROMISE PHAN (dope2111 on YT):
Promise Phan (sister-in-law to the fabulous Michelle Phan) is known for her insane transformations. In fact, you could use practically any of her tutorials to create your Halloween look, but here are our faves:
Maleficent  –  Elsa from Frozen  –  Creepy stretched lips  –  Trippy Double Vision Makeup (our favourite!!)

Who are you going as for Halloween? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us @scriptoeris !


Author: Isobel Morrice

Isobel Morrice is a lipstick addict, language graduate and long-time lifestyle and beauty blogger. In her spare time she likes to play GTA V, take the perfect Instagram photo or (funds allowing) visit her hometown of Hong Kong.

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