Everything we have learned at NYFW

n3It’s that time of the year again – summer is over, autumn is back and fashionistas all over the world prepare for the most important weeks of their lives.

 Here is what I’ve learnt about fashion week:

1. Time does not exist during fashion week. From parties to catwalks to lunches and breakfasts – this is the week of no sleep. Planning will be your new best friend and coffee. Definitely coffee. Starbucks- God bless you!

2. Fashionistas save their best outfits for this week. No jewel is spared, no shoe is left behind. Everyone steps up their game this week and every fashion rule is broken as those who rebel the most are the ones that stand out. Models crawl the cities these weeks and if towering over us isn’t enough, they generally have hairdressers and make up artists on stand-by.

3. Its not about the frow, it’s about who’s walking the catwalk. Gone are the days that we lust over the likes of Olivia Palermo on the front row, nowadays, it’s all about the models walking the shows. From Kendall Jenner to Gigi Hadid, these babes are going straight to the top.

4. Tie-dye, fringe and halter necks are all back. If they are wearing it in New York – we’re wearing it too.

5. Bloggers are now just as important as the A-List celebrities we are used to seeing on the frow. These girls are seriously influential so move over celebrities and hello girls of the internet!

6. Networking. Whatever fashion week you are at – New York, London, Paris or Milan – this is the best chance to network. Paint on your best smile and get talking. This is the best way to meet people. Carry around business cars and go hustle!


Author: Ema Murphy

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