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not that into youIn a world where being a part of at least one social network is the norm, one must be incredibly careful. There is no formula to determine who may come across your online profile. It’s unknown what any single person may find offensive or inappropriate when it comes to what you choose to post or share online. Therefore, it has become increasingly significant to showcase oneself in a professional manner when tweeting, posting and sharing.In recent years, colleges have been known to retract acceptances from incoming freshmen just as job opportunities and careers have ended due to behavior displayed online. Here are some tips to present your best self online.

Be active on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter: With the growth of social media more and more recruiters are looking to the internet. Keeping your pages updated with your resume, skills, experience and a face to a name will put you at the forefront of a recruiters search.

Don’t share anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see: This is a common tip, but also extremely effective. If it’s something that makes you uncomfortable thinking about your grandmother seeing, it’s more than likely in your best interest to refrain from posting it.

Proper grammar: The simplest piece of advice, and yet the one most overlooked, is spelling and grammar. Incorrect usage and obvious misspellings will not aid in shining a positive light on your social media presence. Although this is your personal profile, it’s to your benefit that you portray yourself professionally and appropriately in all aspects of your life, not just at the office or in class.

Participate in online discussions: This will highlight to potential future employers that you have a passion for your field. Your involvement and participation in chats will also benefit you personally by building your knowledge and growing your network.

Author: Maire Hannigan

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