Geek chic this semester

preppy 2It’s a beautiful thing to be a smart, intellectual girl, and it’s even more beautiful to show the world you have brains by rocking the geek chic look this semester! These items will help you boast your status as a nerd (and if you’re really not a nerd, you’re allowed to fake it for the sake of this season’s trend… But try not to become a caricature!)

There is arguably nothing that screams “I’m a geek” quite like a pair of possibly thick-rimmed or round specs. If you don’t actually need glasses, there’s nothing wrong in playing around with non-prescription ones. Make sure you choose fashionable ones and make sure they suit your face shape!

Another must-have are Oxford shoes. For those of you who can’t live without some extra height, they even come with heels now! If you’re looking for a personal touch, go for coloured Oxfords, for example dark blue ones, or try wearing them with knee high socks or ankle length socks with frocks, especially white ones. As important as shoes are bags. Satchel bags are practical as they come in different sizes, so you can opt for a bigger one for university or a smaller one for a lunch out. And needless to say, they are just what you need to complete the look.

Do embrace quirky prints, such as polka dots. A plaid, A-line and to the knee long skirt will give your look a back-to-school, geeky vibe, and would look great with a blazer or with a collared shirt.

And don’t forget your hair! Make use of headbands and barrettes, and if your hair is long enough, you can style it with a tight braid.

Last but not least, stock up on graphic tees, best if worn with cropped or slightly high-waisted pants. But the great news is, you can actually mix the tees with pretty much any items, as long as the final result is youthful, fresh, and obviously nerdy and stylish! This is why the oxymoron in the term geek chic is so lovely; the style is a mixture of various items that surprisingly don’t clash. In fact, the more layers, the better! Try adding a preppy cardigan to your outfit, eg over a t-shirt or button-up shirt, and fall in love with the result!

If you are still unsure about how to create a perfectly stylish geeky look, watch out for Miu Miu’s and Marc Jacobs’ new collections on the runway this month – no one does geek chic quite like these brands

Author: Anastasia Lanzara

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