Blogging is the new C.V builder

Blogs are all over social media today and they range from topic to topic. Beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogs are by far the most popular, but you can literally blog about anything. So, why are there so many people blogging nowadays?

It’s a great way to build your writing and networking skills. Not only are you writing weekly or monthly for blog posts, but you share them on all social media outlets as well.  Starting a blog can be tricky, but if you put forth the time and effort it will be so beneficial in the long run. If you want to go into anything with communications, publications, technology, fashion, beauty, sports, you name it, blogging will help you out. By doing the research on products and trends then writing a post about it, you gain so much knowledge! For example, having a fashion blog can help you when applying for internships or jobs because you have the knowledge about trends, news, and updates by simply writing about them.

Blogging is all about catering to an audience. Therefore, you gain marketing skills as well. Knowing who to target and what to write about, you will connect with so many people. Sharing your posts on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram will not only help gain readers, but you marketing your blog as well. There is so much to learn with blogging! How to code, create themes, build your blog, how to meta tag posts, and more. It’s all a long learning experience, but worth it in the end. There is more to blogging than writing and taking pretty pictures.

By collaborating with others for blog posts or marketing materials, you get to marketing yourself to an entirely new audience. The reason why posts go viral is because they connect with so many people. Even if you get the chance to guest blog on someone else’s blog, that is still valuable writing experience! Go take the dive and start blogging. It is a great learning and growing experience to not take part in.

Remember that it does take time and hard work, but you will create your brand in no time. Happy blogging!

Author: Courtney Benisch

Courtney Benisch is a PR and event director for a startup brand in Missouri in the United States. As the youngest employee in her company, Courtney runs the largest division in the brand. Outside of work, she loves to read and attempt to cook recipes from Pinterest.

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