Making Money on Holiday

Close your eyes and imagine this: you’re lounging on the beach, the sun is beating down on you, with a cocktail in hand and a good book you are the epitome of what summer should look like. While we all wish this fantasy could be a reality all summer long, we live in a world where monetary stability is a necessity. Most of the time it even seems like no matter how many hours we clock in each and every week, it’s not enough. Even though through the summer months the last thing on our minds is working, there are actually a number of ways to earn some extra cash during those heated summer days.

Hotel Review. If you are among the lucky ones to have the opportunity to get away to a tropical island or a beach house on the coast here’s an opportunity for you! Get in contact with a manager and offer to write up a review for your time spent there!

Are you into photography? Do you love to capture all your vacay moments on camera? Something definitely worth considering is selling the photos you take! A sunset over the lake, the fireworks that shot up over the beach, whatever it is that you experience, document it! You never know who might be interested in purchasing your work!

Offer your babysitting services! It’s probably one of the simplest yet most exhausting summer jobs. However, depending on how many kids and how much you’ll get an hour, it’s worth it. With babysitting you could still do some fun summer activities, as long as they’re safe and age appropriate!

Summer camp! The best thing about camp is that it runs all day and for the most part you have nights and weekends off. Camps also pay a decent amount for the entire summer and you’ll still be able to get that summer tan while outdoors!

Sing for your supper! Have talents, passions or knowledge on something specific? Utilize them to your advantage! Offer your services, share a little bit of yourself, you’ be surprised how generous people can be. Depending on where you vacation and what it is that have experience in, you can charge a decent amount and be able to enjoy yourself!

Author: Maire Hannigan

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