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When students say that the third year of university is the hardest they are sorely mistaken. Being in the middle of my year as a graduate I can vouch for that statement. Third year is mentally exhausting as you are at possibly the height of your academic career, however in your graduate year you find yourself pushed to your emotion boundaries. Nevertheless, I believe it does not have to be tears and terrible jobs. Within seven months I finished university, graduated, had two breakdowns, millions of teary phone calls to friends and four jobs two of them I hated, one of them was volunteering and finally the last one has been the perfect fit.

I have three pieces of advice for anyone becoming a graduate.

Apply for everything; full time or part time jobs, volunteering, work experience, internships and apprenticeships. There is no limit to what you can apply for and always aim for your dream job or career.

Have no regrets ; if you hate your pub job ..quit and find something else. This may mean you have to sacrifice buying a new bag or having a night in instead of a night out but if that pushes you to get closer to what you want then do it.

Don’t get sad now; when you get interviews for jobs do not be disheartened if you do not get the first job that you go for an interview for. There are various reasons why you might not get that first job interview. Most of the time it is just that you were not the right fit for that particular role. So have a little wallow and pick yourself up and get back to applying.

I am not going to lie to you being a graduate is hard and very scary but it does push you to explore different areas in life that you never thought you would. Before you become a graduate think about all your options. Do you want to stay in education? Do you want to go travel? Do you want to go straight into a job? Ultimately what I have learnt from being a graduate is you can literally do anything you want to but you can not be scared to take risks. Be yourself and love your life.

Author: Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett is a teacher based in England, she is obsessed with the gym and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. On her weekends off though, she can be found exploring and travelling the world.

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