Sorority Sisterhood

You know those group of girls in Legally Blonde that supported Elle and everything she did? Those girls in “Delta Nu” are in an organization called a sorority. In the United States colleges have social organizations, or Greek Life, so men and women can get involved on campus and in the community. A sorority is a group of women who share a common bond and grow as “sisters” during the four years of college. For every woman who has been through the sorority experience, it is one that they will remember forever.

            I decided to go through the recruitment process as a freshman because I simply wanted to meet new people. I ended up getting into a sorority that I fit in really well with and I was thankful for that. Sometimes girls change who they are just to get into certain sororities, or some get into one and they don’t connect with everyone else. Some stereotypes that people tend to believe is that sorority women aren’t smart, they only care about the aesthetic appeal of sorority life, and they don’t do anything for a good cause- all of that is completely untrue. We had to have a certain grade point average to stay in the sorority and we would also get rewarded if we had good grades. Sorority women also care about their friendship and bonds they create in the sorority, rather than showing off that they are even in one. We also held fundraisers and donated to non-profit organizations.

One thing that people need to realize is that sorority life is different at every college and for every person. It is what you make of it to be honest. I’ve made some of my closest friends and roommates being in a sorority. All of the events, late nights, and emotional times were worth it in the end. To all the international readers wondering why I’m writing a post about this, I want to share what it really is to debunk those nasty rumors and help you understand why people join. To all the young ladies wanting to go through recruitment, do it. Try something new and out of your comfort zone, because you never know what can happen.

Author: Courtney Benisch

Courtney Benisch is a PR and event director for a startup brand in Missouri in the United States. As the youngest employee in her company, Courtney runs the largest division in the brand. Outside of work, she loves to read and attempt to cook recipes from Pinterest.

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